California King Tides Project. Snap the Shore, See the Future. A family watches the king tides at San Francisco's Pier 14

California King Tides Project

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King Tides are coming January 10-12 and February 8-9, 2020!
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THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the King Tides Project during the 2018/2019 season!
Check out the King Tides Story Map to see what King Tides look like along the entire coast of California, and what our coast may look like every day with one foot of sea level rise.

The California King Tides Project helps people visualize future sea level by observing the highest high tides of today. You can help by taking and sharing photos of the shoreline during King Tides to create a record of the changes to our coast from sea level rise. Find out at what time and how high the King Tides will be near you. Check back here in December to find a calendar of King Tides events hosted by local community organizations.

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