The items listed below may be coming before the Commission during the next few months. Publication of this list is provided for the purpose of facilitating public participation in the Commission's activities and is not required by law. The list's inclusion in this Meeting Notice also does not constitute, nor substitute for any of the notice requirements contained in the Coastal Act and Commission regulations. Also, please be aware that the details of a submittal may change as staff review proceeds, and that not all submittals of potential significance may appear on the listing below.

Energy, Ocean Resources & Federal Consistency UNIT

  • Poseidon Huntington Beach Desalination Plant
    Application of Poseidon Water for 50 million gallon/day desalination plant, adjacent to the AES Huntington Beach Power Station
  • Consistency Determination by the National Park Service
    General management plan amendment for the Point Reyes National Seashore and the north district of Golden Gate National Recreation Area was prepared for the National Park Service (NPS) to update management guidance for more than 28,000 acres of national park system lands, including all lands currently leased for beef and dairy ranching. The purpose of the plan is to establish guidance for the preservation of natural and cultural resources and the management of infrastructure and visitor use in the planning area, including but not limited to the future management of leased ranch lands and tule elk in the planning area.

North Coast District

  • Caltrans Arcata Bottoms Parcel Wetland Creation/Enhancement Project.
    Application by Caltrans to create and enhance freshwater wetlands by recontouring areas and planting native wetland plants on an approximately 70-acre parcel off of Samoa Blvd (Hwy 255) west of Arcata, Humboldt County
  • Humboldt County Pine Hill Road Bridge Replacement
    Application of Humboldt County to replace the Pine Hill Road bridge over Swain Slough just south of Eureka, Humboldt County

North Central Coast District

  • Caltrans’ Gleason Beach Highway 1 Realignment
    Application by Caltrans to realign Highway 1 inland at Gleason Beach about 5 miles north of Bodega Bay in Sonoma County
  • Lawson’s Landing Wastewater Management System
    Application by Lawson’s Landing Inc. to amend permit to: 1) construct a wastewater management system, including collection, treatment and dispersal facilities; 2) allow seasonal food truck usage; 3) install emergency boat storage; 4) relocate fuel bunker out of unpermitted area; and 5) restore habitat, at Lawson’s Landing facility, at 137 Marine View Dr. south of Dillon Beach, Marin County

Central Coast District

  • King Ventures Resort (“The Collections”)
    Appeal of Sand City action approving a 340-room resort in the dunes seaward of Highway 1 in Sand City, Monterey County
  • Carmel Area Wastewater District Plant Upgrades
    Application by Carmel Area Wastewater District to implement a series of improvements and repairs to an existing wastewater treatment plant in the unincorporated Carmel Area of Monterey County

South Central Coast District

  • Application 4-14-0687-A2 (County of Santa Barbara)
    Application by the County of Santa Barbara to amend permit granted with conditions for authorization of a 1,200 ft. long, 11 ft. high rock revetment and 415 ft. of geotextile cells filled with cobble and earth to include authorization for retention of an as-built 948 ft., 11 ft. high, and 18 ft. wide rock revetment downcoast of the approved 1,200 ft. long rock revetment at Goleta Beach County Park
  • Appeal No. A-4-STB-18-0018 (O’Neil)
    Appeal of the County of Santa Barbara Coastal Development Permit for after-the-fact approval of the demolition of a single-family residence, after-the fact approval of the existing and partially-constructed single-family residence, new demolition of the existing and partially constructed single-family residence, and construction of a new single-family residence at 2551 Wallace Avenue in the Summerland area of unincorporated Santa Barbara County
  • Appeal No. A-4-STB-18-0063 (Feldman)
    Appeal of a County of Santa Barbara Coastal Development Permit for demolition of an existing 1,774 square foot single family residence and construction of a new 5,995 square foot single family residence with a 5,800 square foot lower level storage area (including an attached 1,335 square foot garage), deck, swimming pool, driveway modifications, habitat restoration, and 350 cu. yds. of grading at 755 Sand Point Road
  • County of Santa Barbara LCP Amendment No. LCP-4-STB-18-0098-3 Part A (Coastal Resiliency)
    Request by County of Santa Barbara to amend the text of the Land Use Plan and the Implementation Plan to add policies and development standards regarding coastal hazards and planning for sea level rise
  • County of Santa Barbara LCP Amendment No. LCP-4-STB-18-0098-3 Part B (Agricultural Employee Dwelling Ordinance)
    Request by County of Santa Barbara to amend the Implementation Plan to revise regulations related to agricultural employee housing

South Coast District

  • City of San Clemente LCP Amendment No. LCP-5-SCL-18-0099-1
    Request by the City of San Clemente to amend the certified Land Use Plan (LUP) to modify the definition of Major Remodel in the LUP
  • Application No. A-5-NPB-19-0003 (City of Newport Beach Residential Parking Permit Program)
    Application of the City of Newport Beach for establishment of resident parking permit program restricting parking on public streets to “No Parking Anytime Except by Permit” within the Finley Tract on Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, Orange County
  • Application No. 5-18-0554 (California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife)
    Application of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to address unpermitted pipes in the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, Area B, Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles County
  • Appeal No. A-5-LGB-19-0015 (City of Laguna Beach)
    Appeal of Laguna Beach Coastal Development Permit for construction of erosion devices within Laguna Canyon Creek and relocation of pedestrian bridge adjacent to 30612 Laguna Canyon Rd., Laguna Beach
  • Application No. 5-19-0288 (Orange County Parks)
    Application of Orange County Parks to remove an existing rock revetment and to construct a new rock revetment, public access path, and public stairways on the beach seaward of Breakers Isle, Dana Point, Orange County

San Diego District

  • Application No. 6-17-0504 UCSD Black’s Beach Emergency Access Road
    Application of University of California, San Diego to pave an existing emergency access road and construct a 254 ft.-long soldier pile wall along the seaward side of the emergency access road to Black’s Beach in La Jolla
  • City of San Diego LCP Amendment (Short Term Rental Ordinance)
    Request by the City of San Diego to amend its certified Implementation Plan to regulate the operation of short term rentals and hosting platforms. E-mail correspondence concerning this item may be sent to
  • City of Del Mar LCP Amendment No. LCP-6-DMR-18-0082-1 (Sea Level Rise Planning)
    Request by the City of Del Mar to amend the certified land use plan (LUP) and implementation plan (IP) to incorporate the city’s SLR adaptation plan, provide sea level rise policies and amend the city’s hazard zone provisions.