The items listed below may be coming before the Commission during the next few months. Publication of this list is provided for the purpose of facilitating public participation in the Commission's activities and is not required by law. The list's inclusion in this Meeting Notice also does not constitute, nor substitute for any of the notice requirements contained in the Coastal Act and Commission regulations. Also, please be aware that the details of a submittal may change as staff review proceeds, and that not all submittals of potential significance may appear on the listing below.

Energy, Ocean Resources & Federal Consistency UNIT

  • Poseidon Huntington Beach Desalination Plant
    Application of Poseidon Water for 50 million gallon/day desalination plant, adjacent to the AES Huntington Beach Power Station

North Coast District

  • County of Mendocino LCP Amendment No. LCP-1-MEN-20-0021-1
    Request by Mendocino County to amend its certified Local Coastal Program to regulate accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and junior accessory dwelling units (JADUs) in compliance with recent State legislation

North Central Coast District

Central Coast District

  • King Ventures Resort (“The Collections”)
    Appeal of Sand City action approving a 340-room resort in the dunes seaward of Highway 1 in Sand City, Monterey County
  • Santa Cruz County Coastal Hazards LCP Update
    Request by Santa Cruz County to update LCP policies and standards regarding coastal hazards, including addressing adequate bluff and shoreline setbacks for new and redevelopment, shoreline protective devices, and sea level rise

South Central Coast District

  • County of Santa Barbara LCP Amendment No. LCP-4-STB-20-0028-1 (Coastal Resiliency)
    Request by County of Santa Barbara to amend the text of the Land Use Plan and the Implementation Plan to add policies and development standards regarding coastal hazards and planning for sea level rise
  • Appeal No. A-4-STB-19-0214 (Cosmoledo)
    Appeal of a County of Santa Barbara Coastal Development Permit for demolition of an existing 2,634 sq. ft. residence with deck and 384 sq. ft. attached carport and construction of a new 10,086 sq. ft. residence (including a 2,403 sq. ft. basement garage constructed at grade level), pool, retaining walls, hardscaping, landscaping, and grading at 711 Sand Point Road in Santa Barbara County
  • Los Angeles County LCP Amendment LCP-4-MMT-19-0166-1 (Resource Dependent Uses)
    Los Angeles County’s request to amend the Santa Monica Mountains LCP with regard to development standards for resource-dependent uses in H1 and H2 habitat (ESHA), Santa Monica Mountains Segment of the County’s Coastal Zone
  • Appeal No. A-4-MAL-19-0188 (Southern California Edison, Malibu)
    Appeal of a City of Malibu Coastal Development Permit for construction of a temporary utility laydown and staging yard for critical fire prevention infrastructure repairs constructed pursuant to two emergency

South Coast District

  • Application No. A-5-NPB-19-0003 (City of Newport Beach Residential Parking Permit Program)
    Application of the City of Newport Beach for establishment of resident parking permit program restricting parking on public streets to “No Parking Anytime Except by Permit” within the Finley Tract on Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, Orange County
  • Miramar Hotel Redevelopment Project, Santa Monica
    CDP Applications: 5-21-019, 5-21-0140, and 5-21-0141. LCP Amendment: LCP-5-SNM-21-0020-1. Request by the City of Santa Monica to amend the certified LUP to allow for a project specific amendment to increase the height and FAR requirements, and applications by The Athens Group to remodel and expand an existing hotel and construct a new 100% affordable housing project, on Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica, Los Angeles County.
  • Dana Point LCP Comprehensive Update, LCP-5-DPT-20-0080-2
    Comprehensive update to correct inconsistencies in the LCP as a result of the verification process for certified LCP language.
  • Application No. A-5-LGB-19-0023 (Kinstler, Laguna Beach)
    Application to demolish an existing single-family home and second residential unit, and construct a new single-family home with ADU on a bluff top lot, and after-the-fact request for approval of unpermitted non-conforming beach stairs on bluff face at 31861 Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, Orange County.

San Diego District

  • City of San Diego LCP Amendment (Short Term Rental Ordinance)
    Request by the City of San Diego to amend its certified Implementation Plan to regulate the operation of short term rentals and hosting platforms. E-mail correspondence concerning this item may be sent to