People playing on Hendrys Beach at sunset, photo by Alex Braud
Photo: Alex Braud

Public Education Program

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About the Public Education Program

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WHALE TAIL® Grantee Highlight:

The Marine Mammal Center

Student products from the Ocean Ambassadors program

Ocean Ambassadors is a middle school program letting students read the actual medical files of real patients at The Marine Mammal Center as part of a year-long study of marine mammals and ocean health... [Read more]


Art, photography, t-shirts, mugs...

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KIDS' OCEAN DAY 2018, Showing San Francisco event organized by Marine Science Institutute

In honor of World Oceans Day, 8,000 California students took part in the statewide Kids' Ocean Day Adopt-A-Beach cleanups at six events from Humboldt to San Diego. They learned about ocean pollution prevention at school and then took a field trip to enjoy a beach day, clean the coast, and form amazing art messages on the sand. In 2018, the "Making Waves" theme demonstrated the children's power to raise awareness and make a difference about plastic pollution in the ocean. To see more images and learn more about this annual program funded by the WHALE TAIL® License Plate, visit

In honor of World Oceans Day 2016, a short video was released to showcase nearly 20 years of aerial art formations as part of Kids' Ocean Day. We hope you enjoy the video.