Image of a Whale Tail License Plate. Shows the fluke of a whale, splashing water, the red California in script at the top and the words Protect Our Coast and Ocean at the bottom.>
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Frequently Asked Questions | WHALE TAIL® Grants | Preguntas Realizadas con Frecuencia

The WHALE TAIL® License Plate gives drivers a way to help protect and restore the priceless California coast and ocean. Funds raised by the WHALE TAIL® Plate support many conservation efforts, including the annual Coastal Cleanup Day and other beach cleanups, bringing tens of thousands of volunteers to clean our beaches and waterways. The plate also supports the WHALE TAIL® Grants program, which funds education and stewardship at the local level, beach access, restoration of fish and wildlife habitat, and the preservation of natural areas throughout the state.

The cost is $50 for a standard numbered plate and $103 for a plate with a personalized message. The majority of this cost and the entire annual renewal fee ($40 for a standard numbered plate and $83 for a personalized plate) is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

You can order WHALE TAIL® Plates online on the DMV website or download a form to order by mail.

Get updates on how your WHALE TAIL® Plates protects our coast and ocean.

Video by Radley Studios

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