California King Tides Project. Snap the Shore, See the Future. A family watches the king tides at San Francisco's Pier 14

California King Tides Project

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The next King Tides arrive:

NOVEMBER 15-16, 2020
DECEMBER 13-15, 2020
North of Point Conception ONLY: JANUARY 11-12, 2021 *

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The California King Tides Project helps us visualize future sea level by observing the highest high tides of today. Explore a map of photos taken during recent King Tides seasons.


There is an additional, particularly high tide north of Point Conception (southwest Santa Barbara County) due to a combination of astronomical influences such as the relative tilt of the Earth's rotation with respect to the Sun and seasonal influences on water level such as temperature and wind that differ in Southern California as compared to Northern California over the course of the year.

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