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Do you want your students to participate in Coastal Cleanup Day but can't get them out on a field trip to a beach or local waterway? Do you want them to understand that they can be environmental stewards in their own school and neighborhood? Interested in a real world data collection and problem-solving experience that takes place right on school grounds and supports your Next Generation Science Standards? You can organize a Schoolyard Cleanup at ANY time of year and accomplish all of these goals. Register your school as a Schoolyard Cleanup Site to receive assistance and recognition and to be a part of an international effort to protect our coast and ocean, no matter where your school is!

Are your students distance-learning? Find tips for how your students can do a cleanup as a scientific investigation from home.

Thank you and congratulations to these schools that have already done a Schoolyard Cleanup!

Pre-cleanup lessons and inspiration        Do your cleanup        After your cleanup       

Check out our pre- and post-cleanup lessons, our tips, and then register your school as a Schoolyard Cleanup site.
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Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to hold a cleanup, from preparatory lessons through cleanup materials, to data analysis. Participating schools are NOT required to do pre- and post-lessons, but these can help illuminate the impact of a cleanup and tie it into your education standards.

Thank you to Jeff Manker, Gilroy High School teacher, for the inspiration and impetus to create this program.

Pre-cleanup lessons and inspiration        Do your cleanup        After your cleanup