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Coast 4U Quarterly, Winter 2014

Celebrate Whales with The California Coast

Humpback Whale Breaching, Moss Landing, by Shane Keena
Humpback Whale Breaching, Moss Landing, by Shane Keena

California has a soft spot for whales. As the humpbacks, greys, and blues migrate up and down our coastline, Californians study their behavior, revel in their majesty, and gather for festivals to honor their presence. With a bit of luck, patient observers catch glimpses into their mysterious, watery lifestyles. Few moments are as exhilarating as seeing a whale appear before you in nature. To learn more about the whales you might spot, look for resources on the web, visit your local library, or consider attending panels and talks at a whale celebration near you. Here are a few events centered on whale education and observance: Our education programs here at the Coastal Commission, including our grants program, are funded in part by the Whale Tail® Specialty License Plate. What better symbol of the California Coast to sport on your vehicle or motorcycle than a whale tail? You can also purchase a plate as a gift. All of your questions are answered on our ecoplates FAQ. To learn about our grants program, and to see a map with every Whale Tail® Grant awarded since 1998, visit WHALE TAIL® Grants.

Whale awareness is an essential characteristic of a California Coastal Steward. The more we, as humans, learn about whales, the more we will be able to show them our respect. Follow this link to learn about "Sharing the Road" with our cetaceans when boating, and see this page for what to do if you find a stranded whale. Thank you for doing your part to protect our whales.