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The WHALE TAIL® License Plate sponsored by the California Coastal Commission gives drivers a way to help protect and restore the priceless resources of California's coast and ocean. The Coastal Commission uses these funds to support many worthy coastal education efforts, including the annual Coastal Cleanup Day which each fall turns out thousands of volunteers to clean our beaches and waterways. The plate also supports the year 'round Adopt-A-Beach® program, the WHALE TAIL® Grants program (which supports marine education at the local level), our free resources for educators, the State Coastal Conservancy's beach access and habitat restoration programs, and other programs to preserve and enhance environmental resources, sponsored by the Natural Resources Agency. Visit to learn more about what the WHALE TAIL® License Plate funds (and to purchase your plate!).

The Coastal Commission provides careful oversight to ensure the funds that it receives are used for the intended purposes. A portion of the first year's price goes to the DMV for administrative fees (about $18). The remainder of the first year amount and 100% of the renewal fee supports the environmental causes described above, is considered a charitable contribution, and is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. The renewal fee is $40 annually for the sequential license plates and $78 annually for the personalized plates.

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