Mother and daughter with buckets and gloves at a cleanup

California Coastal Cleanup

Even with all the changes we are seeing in this year's cleanup effort, the California Coastal Commission is still working to make 2020 California Coastal Cleanup even "greener." What does this mean? Be ready to reuse many items you may have at home to participate in this year's unique event.

Please join our efforts this year by turning out to your Cleanup with a "Bring Your Own (BYO)" philosophy.

Here are some quick tips on what you can do to help:

  • Bring a bucket or reusable bag to your Cleanup for collecting trash.
  • While your best option during these times is to use disposable gloves for your cleanup, if you don't have any, bring a lightweight pair of gardening gloves from home and wash them after your Cleanup.
  • Bring a filled, reusable water bottle to your Cleanup.

Other items you can reuse for carrying or picking up trash:

  • Half-gallon milk carton, opened
  • Cardboard oatmeal cylinder
  • Plastic milk jug with the top cut off
  • Plastic 2-liter bottle with the top cut off
  • Reused plastic shopping bags
  • Old kitchen tongs
  • If you are safely able and allowed to access a beach, kitty litter scoopers for a hands-free way to grab the trash and leave the sand behind

And don't forget your sunscreen, soap/sanitizer and mask

We're interested in hearing other ideas you may have to reduce waste on Coastal Cleanup Day. Please send your suggestions to Let's all prepare for the best, and least wasteful, Coastal Cleanup ever!

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