The Local Coastal Program Local Assistance Grant Program provides funds to support local governments in completing or updating Local Coastal Programs (LCP) consistent with the California Coastal Act, with special emphasis on planning for sea-level rise and climate change. The Coastal Commission has awarded two rounds of LCP Local Assistance grants to local governments, including grants to 11 local governments in Fiscal Year 2013/2014 for the first round of grants and grants to 12 local governments in Fiscal Year 2014/2015 for the second round of grants. For a summary of the funded grant projects, see below.

For more information on the grant program, please contact Kelsey Ducklow if you are in Northern California (Del Norte through San Luis Obispo counties), and Daniel Nathan if you are in Southern California (Santa Barbara through San Diego counties). General inquiries may be directed to

News & Opportunities

  • FEMA and CalOES are offering two separate opportunities - Immediate Needs Applications for communities affected by flooding in the 2016 and 2017 winter storm events, and a traditional Notice of Interest application process for all other applicants. Immediate Needs Applications are due by May 15, 2017. Notice of Interests are due by June 15, 2017. More information and application instructions can be found online at the CalOES website.

  • The Coastal Conservancy has announced the availability of technical assistance to help vulnerable communities develop Climate Ready Projects. The Climate Ready Program seeks to encourage local governments and non-governmental organizations to take steps to prepare for a changing climate by advancing planning and implementation of on-the-ground actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or lessen the impacts of climate change on California's coastal communities and natural resources. The announcement and FAQ are posted on the Conservancy's website. Applications are due on June 30, 2017.

  • For a list of organizations that have grant programs and may open funding cycles in the future, please consult Appendix E of the Coastal Commission Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance.

LCP Grants

Status of Grantees

Click on the button below to see the status of the grant-funded LCP planning work. This information will be updated quarterly. The graphic shows the major steps in the LCP planning process and indicates where grantees are in the process. Note that each grant work program differs in scope and timing, so not all projects include each of the steps highlighted here. The overall intent of this graphic is to facilitate information sharing and coordination among local governments undertaking similar efforts. Work products and project websites are linked wherever possible.

California State Coastal Conservancy

Grantee Introductory Webinar 8/26/15

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Request for Funds / Progress Reports

Invoices (Request for Funds forms) and progress reports must be submitted at least every three months, and no more frequently than monthly. Invoices must be submitted for work completed through a Request for Funds form. For details on how to submit the Request for Funds form see the Guidance document below.

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LCP Grant Status Visualization
Last Updated: 9/14/17

(north to south)

SLR Vulnerability


(new or update)

(new or update)


Humboldt County Initiated Planned Planned Planned Planned
Trinidad Final Initiated Initiated Planned
Arcata Final Draft Draft Planned
Marin County Draft Draft Submitted Submitted Initiated
San Francisco Final Draft Planned
Pacifica Planned Planned Planned Planned Planned
Half Moon Bay Final Draft Initiated Planned
Monterey Final Initiated Initiated Initiated Planned
Pacific Grove Final Final Draft Draft Planned
Morro Bay Draft Planned Initiated Initiated Planned
County of Santa Barbara Final Planned Draft Draft Planned
Goleta Final Draft Draft Planned
City of Santa Barbara Final Initiated Draft Planned
Carpinteria Planned Planned Planned Planned Planned
County of Ventura Initiated Planned Planned Planned
Oxnard Final Initiated Initiated Planned Planned
Santa Monica Initiated Initiated Draft Planned Planned
City of Los Angeles Initiated Planned Initiated Planned
Hermosa Beach Final Draft Draft Planned
Seal Beach Planned Planned Planned Planned Planned
Newport Beach Submitted Complete
Dana Point Initiated Planned Planned Planned Planned
San Clemente Planned Submitted Draft Planned
County of San Diego Draft Approved Draft Planned
Oceanside Initiated Planned Planned Planned
Carlsbad Draft Planned Initiated Planned Planned
Solana Beach Approved Planned
Del Mar Draft Draft Draft Draft Planned
Imperial Beach Final Final Planned Planned Planned