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California Coastal Act

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The California Coastal Commission Permit Appeal Process: Frequently Asked Questions

Repair, Maintenance and Utility Hook-up Exclusions from Permit Requirements

Temporary Events Guidelines

Workshop on Conflict of Interest, Bias, and Related Issues

Workshop and Public Hearing on the Legal Requirements Governing Ex Parte Communications and Disclosure Requirements

Permanent Responsibilities of the California Coastal Commission

Public Records Act Guidelines.

California Coastal Act  (section by section)

Chapter 1.

Findings and Declarations and General Provisions



Chapter 2.




Chapter 2.5.

Revisions to the Coastal Zone Boundary



Chapter 3.

Coastal Resources Planning and Management Policies


Article 1.




Article 2.

Public Access.



Article 3.




Article 4.

Marine Environment



Article 5.

Land Resources



Article 6.




Article 7.

Industrial Development


Chapter 4.

Creation, Membership, and Powers of Commission and Regional Commissions


Article 1.

Creation, Membership of Commission and Regional Commission



Article 2.

Qualifications and Organization



Article 2.5.

Fairness and Due Process



Article 3.

Powers and Duties



Article 4.

Local Coastal Program Implementation Costs


Chapter 5.

State Agencies


Article 1.




Article 2.

State Agencies


Chapter 6.



Article 1.

Local Coastal Program



Article 2.

Procedure for Preparation, Approval, and Certification of Local Coastal Programs



Article 3.

Coastal Public Access Program


Chapter 7.

Development Controls


Article 1.

General Provisions



Article 2.

Development Control Procedures


Chapter 8.



Article 1.

Findings and General Provisions



Article 2.




Article 3.

Implementation; Master Plan


Chapter 9.

Judicial Review, Enforcement, and Penalties


Article 1.

General Provisions



Article 2.



Chapter 10.




Other Laws and Regulations:

The California Coastal Act is the law; to fully understand how the law is interpreted, please refer to the Administrative Regulations. Citations for these regulations and other pertinent materials and legislation are provided below.

Any law library should have the U.S. Code, U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, the California Code (Statutes) and the California Code of Regulations available for viewing.

Documents available either through links or in hard copy in law libraries:

To find the California Coastal Commission Administrative Regulations,
go to the California Code of Regulations.
Click on  Title 14, Natural Resources, then select Division 5.5, California Coastal Commission
You must click down in the tree to go to the section you want.
Additionally, There is a search capability, but you must scroll up to the top of the page to get to it.

(The above link is provided by Office of Administrative Law on Westlaw's web site.)

Coastal Zone Management Act
Title 16, U.S. Code (U.S.C.)
Sections 1451 et seq.
You may also search for this in the U.S. Code.

Coastal Zone Management Act Regulations
Title 15, Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.)
Parts 923 and 930
You may search for this citation in  the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations .

State Coastal Conservancy Law
Public Resources Code
Division 21
Sections 31000 et seq.
Go to the California Code to search for this.

McAteer-Petris Act (establishes and governs operations of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission)
Title 7.2, Government Code
Sections 66600 et seq.
You may also search for this in the California Code.

California Coastal Commission’s Conflict of Interest Code

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