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Arroyo Willow (Salix lasiolepis)

Plant: A low-spreading riparian shrub that can grow between 6 and 30 feet tall. Its branches are somewhat droopy. The twigs and branches are yellowish-olive to red in color. Common.
Leaf: The leaves are long and slender, wider near the middle, tapering toward the base, 2½ to 4 inches long, ¾ inch wide, dark green above and lighter on the reverse side. Many fall off during the fall.
Leaf (apple) Galls caused by the Sawfly (Tenthredinidae Pontania)
Stem Gall caused by the Sawfly (Tenthredinidae Euura) and Flower Gall caused by the Gall Midge.
Flowers: grouped in male and female catkins that are on different plants and appear before the leaves grow. The seeds bear long and silky hairs.