Map of Cleanup Locations

This map will be updated throughout August and September with additional cleanup sites. Click here to open the map in its own window. If you have corrections to the map, please email



Participating in California Coastal Cleanup Day is easy! Follow these steps:

  • 1. On the map above, click on the cleanup you want to attend and read the instructions. Some sites require pre-registration, others allow you to simply drop in on the morning of the cleanup. Please check the date carefully as not all cleanups will take place on September 23rd.
  • 2. Sign the online waiver of liability (ENGLISH or SPANISH). Show the confirmation email to cleanup staff on the day of your cleanup. If you'd prefer to sign a paper waiver, download the ENGLISH or SPANISH version and bring your signed waiver to the cleanup.
  • 3. Gather reusable cleanup supplies from home, like a bucket and gardening gloves. Cleanup supplies, as well as liability waivers, will be available at each cleanup site if needed.
  • 4. Show up at your cleanup site at the designated time and day. Check in with on-site cleanup staff and start cleaning!
  • 5. Continue your efforts after Coastal Cleanup Day by participating in the Adopt-A-Beach Program, by conducting a Neighborhood Cleanup, or a Schoolyard Cleanup, any time during the year!

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What is Coastal Cleanup Day?

Coastal Cleanup Day is California's largest annual volunteer event. It is an opportunity for people across the state to clean our creeks, rivers, lakes, coast, and shorelines of all kinds, to help restore our environment. Virtually every body of water in California ultimately flows to the ocean, and that water can carry a lot of trash. That's why Coastal Cleanup Day takes place throughout the state – no matter where you're cleaning, you are helping to protect our coast and ocean.

California Coastal Cleanup Day is organized by the California Coastal Commission in partnership with many NGOs and local government partners around the state. It is part of the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy, which is the largest volunteer event on the planet!


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