A negative 45 degree crop of a foamy barrel, the bottom half of a surfer in view

Judges' Choice Winner
-45 Barrel
The Wedge, Newport Beach, Orange County
Kevin Kielty

A pair of isopods come head to head on a stipe of giant kelp

Second Place Winner
Kelp Critters
Isopods on kelp at Leo Carrillo State Park, Los Angeles County
Nicolas Horniblow

sunrise and Golden Gate Bridge framed looking out from a cave

Third Place Winner
China Beach, San Francisco
Jay Huang

A lifeguard sitting on a lifeguard tower looks out at the ocean

Viewers' Choice Winner
Bay Watch
Huntington Beach, Orange County
Hayleigh Smith

Two male brown pelicans in full breeding plumage share mutual grooming on a rock above the ocean

Honorable Mention
Two pelicans sporting breeding plumage
Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz
Karen Cohen

birds fly above the beach, a lifeguard tower in the background

Honorable Mention
Birds in Flight
Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles County
Brendan Holmes

A Spanish Shawl Nudibranch holds on to its recently consumed hydroid in the surf zone

Honorable Mention
Tiny Dancer
Spanish Shawl Nudibranch in Deer Creek Kelp Forest, Ventura County
Nicolas Horniblow

Macro shot of the texture of a Turkish Towel blade with a little red seaweed epiphyte

Honorable Mention
Up Close and Personal
Red seaweed epiphyte on Turkish Towel blade, Crescent City, Del Norte County
Rosa Laucci

a heron has speared a fish with it's beak

Honorable Mention
Great Blue Heron with Fish
Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo County
James Little

a sea turtle lifts its head as it swims through kelp

Honorable Mention
Sea turtle in Laguna Beach, Orange County
Jill Matyuch

A common dolphin approaches the bow of the boat. As it surfaces, the dolphin and its exhale (in the form of bubbles) are visible in the crystal clear water off of Crystal Cove Beach

Honorable Mention
Waiting to Exhale
Crystal Cove, Orange County
Jill Matyuch

Mother and pup sea lion touch noses

Honorable Mention
A Mother's Love
La Jolla Cove, San Diego County
Kathy McGaffigan

a pelican, photo taken head on

Honorable Mention
Pelican, Catalina Island
Los Angeles County
Paul Priebe

Crescent City Lighthouse at sunset taken from the public breakwater

Honorable Mention
Sunset at Crescent City Lighthouse
Del Norte County
Paul Priebe

Egg Yoke jelly seen from below the surface of the water, at sunset

Honorable Mention
Sunset Jelly Reflection
Monastery Beach in Carmel, Monterey County
Bruce Sudweeks