A heron in profile, stands on one foot on top of eelgrass, sunlight shining through its wing feathers

Judges' Choice Winner: Great Blue Heron in Surfgrass, Sands Beach, Santa Barbara
Susan Cook

Rocks peek through the sand in a long view up the beach

Viewers' Choice Winner: Low Tide, Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro, Los Angeles County
Dianne Gowder

clouds in sunset along the coast

Second Place Winner
Moss Landing Sunrise, Monterey County
Mark Bickerstaff

a pile of kelp tangle into a compelling design

Third Place Winner
Bull Whip Kelp #8, Bowling Ball Beach, Mendocino County
Michael Shea

an egret flies over foamy water

Honorable Mention
On The Move (Egret), Cowell's Beach, Santa Cruz
Leslie Abbott

looking through the curl of a wave

Honorable Mention
Crystal Cove Curl, Crystal Cove State Beach, Orange County
Ryan Chadwick

a whale, covered in barnacles, leaps almost entirely out of the water

Honorable Mention
Breaching Humpback Whale, Avila Bay, San Luis Obispo County
Ronnie Goyette

a splash from a whale that has just gone under while a tail of another whale descends under the water

Honorable Mention
Humpback Whale's Tail, Avila Bay, San Luis Obispo County
Ronnie Goyette

a blurry view of the legs of a surfboarder as they glide by

Honorable Mention
Slide, Santa Barbara
Joe Kearns

one least tern on top of another, offering it a small fish

Honorable Mention
Least terns are showing their love, Huntington Beach, Orange County
Vincent Nguyen

a variety of birds sit on and fly around an offshore rock

Honorable Mention
Pinnacle Gulch Beach On A Birdy Day, Bodega Bay, Sonoma County
Paula Park

underneath the pier, looking down the length of the pier, water creates designs in the sand

Honorable Mention
Liquid Gold, Scripps Beach, San Diego County
Susan Perez

a school bus drives across the bridge toward the viewer on a sunny day

Honorable Mention
Back to Light, Bixby Creek Bridge, Monterey County
Fabio Piacenza

seen from above, two people walk on a beach, their shadows long

Honorable Mention
Shadows, Ocean Beach, San Francisco
John Rice

an octopus peeks out from under a rock in a tidepool

Honorable Mention
The Eyes Have It!, Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego
Mary Rose

seen from above, a dolphin swims among bubbles

Honorable Mention
Dolphin Dreaming, Newport Beach, Orange County
Ben Steele

a large clutch of monarchs hang from a tree

Honorable Mention
Resting Monarchs, Lighthouse Field State Beach, Santa Cruz
Brian Weis