Pelicans flying over the remnants of a pier in Davenport, California

Judges' Choice Winner
For Forever, Davenport, by Ethan Kone

Dolphins swimming in front of Angel's Gate Lighthouse in San Pedro, California

Viewers' Choice Winner
Dolphin at the Gate, Angel's Gate Lighthouse in San Pedro, by Mark Radmilovich

Offshore rocks and waves at twilight, El Matador State Beach

Second Place Winner
Shark Fin Wake, El Matador State Beach, by Simon Xu

Erosion hollows out cups in the face of the larger rocks at Bean Hollow State Beach.  These pockets in the larger rocks are filled with surf polished pebbles.

Third Place Winner
Rocks in Pockets, Bean Hollow State Beach, by Ron Powell

An otter caught an octopus and was enjoying its meal when a gull tried to share and didn't succeed.

Honorable Mention
Octopus not for Sharing, Monterey, by Rosalie Gerrans

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Kirby Cove in Marin

Honorable Mention
Finding Treasures, Kirby Cove, by David Gregory

A surfer sits on a surfboard, looking off towards the waves.

Honorable Mention
Searching, San Onofre, by Olivia Neely

Waves in black and white.

Honorable Mention
Backlit Waves No. 1, Port San Luis Beach, by Gary O'Neill

Open anemone seen from above.

Honorable Mention
Sea Anemone, Point Lobos, by Paul Prudhomme

An alert purple crab on rocks

Honorable Mention
Violet the Crab, Point Joe, by Andrew Spivey

View through the curve of a small wave.

Honorable Mention
Dip, Carlsbad, by Todd Teetzel

A mass of surfers crowd the beach and run into the water.

Honorable Mention
Tamarack Takeover, Carlsbad, by Todd Teetzel

An old wooden boat tied to a pier

Honorable Mention
China Camp, China Camp State Park, by Carol Thomas