Judges' First Place Winner
Kelp, Point Lobos, by Bruce Sudweeks

Kelp among jellies underwater, by Bruce Sudweeks

Viewers' Choice Winner
Star at Sunset, Pfeiffer Beach, by Pankaj Bhargava

Photo of rock arch at Pfeiffer Beach with sun setting in the arch, by Pankaj Bhargava

Second Place Winner Tie
Great Egret, Morro Bay, by Ronnie Goyette

Photo of a great egret, by Ronnie Goyette

Second Place Winner Tie
Snowy Egret, Morro Bay, by Ronnie Goyette

Photo of a snowy egret, by Ronnie Goyette

Third Place Winner
Breaking Storm, Aliso Beach, by Rick Silverman

Photo of surf coming up onto the sand, light streaming through dark clouds, in black and white, by Rick Silverman

Honorable Mention
Sunset, Hendry's Beach, by Alex Braud

Photo of adults and children playing on Hendry's Beach, in silhouette in front of yellow sunset, by Alex Braud

Honorable Mention
Risso's Dolphin, Monterey Bay, by Douglas Croft

Photo of a leaping Risso's dolphin, by Douglas Croft

Honorable Mention
Hearst Pier, by Marsha Kirschbaum

Photo of Hearst Pier at night, by Marsha Kirschbaum

Honorable Mention
Gulls, Moss Landing, by Helaina Lindsey

Photo of two gulls, by Helaina Lindsey

Honorable Mention
Pedro Point, by Lanette Otvos

Photo of Pedro Point in black and white, by Lanette Otvos

Honorable Mention
Large Salp, Redondo Beach, by Merry Passage

Photo of a salp underwater, by Merry Passage

Honorable Mention
Two Spot Octopus with Eggs, by Merry Passage

Photo of an octopus with its eggs, inside a small opening, by Merry Passage

Honorable Mention
Sea Lion Barking, Monterey, by Max Polin

Photo of a barking sea lion, by Max Polin

Honorable Mention
Dune Tracks, Point Reyes, by John Rice

Photo of animal prints leading up a sand dune, in black and white,  by John Rice

Honorable Mention
Morning Dew, Carmel, by Deborah Silverman

Photo of a feather on a pebbly beach, topped with dew drops, by Deborah Silverman

Honorable Mention
Paddle Boarding, Monterey, by Bruce Sudweeks

Photo of a paddle boarding, showing the water underneath full of jellies, by Bruce Sudweeks

Honorable Mention
Dolphins, La Jolla, by Greg Volger

Photo of a school of leaping dolphins, by Greg Volger