Cayucos Beach full of swimmers for the annual Polar Bear Plunge, taken from the Pier
Photo of the mouth of the Russian River in muted tones
Photo of orange and purple cone-shaped snail shell underwater on a kelp bladder
Photo of gray rocks topped with green, surrounded by still water
Photo of the mouth of Bixby Creek meandering across the beach, spring wild flowers in the foreground and the blue ocean in the distance
Photo of luminous, white feather duster worm underwater on a reef
Photo of a crab peeking out from under its shell, underwater
Photo of waves crashing on rocks, mist in the air. A single bird perches on a rock.
Photo of a narrow window in a worn stone wall, looking out at the San Francisco Bay Bridge above blue water.
Photo of a pink sunset over a flat ocean, dog in profile in the foreground
Photo of a gray ocean and sky behind dark rocks, dark hills in the background, white bubbles of foam directly in front of the camera
Photo of an orange nudibranch underwater on a background of red
Photo of highly textured sandstone giving the impression of a horse head. Black and white, beach, ocean, and storm clouds in the background
Photo of a hummingbird hovering to drink from yellow flowers.
Photo of bird with wide open beak around a small crab. Black, white and gray feathers and orange legs.