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The following descriptions of management measures to address polluted runoff are adapted from the "California Nonpoint Source Encyclopedia.” There are 61 NPS management measures in 6 categories: agriculture, forestry, urban areas, marinas and recreational boating, hydromodification, and wetlands/riparian areas/vegetated treatment systems.

The Management Measures Concept

Management measures establish performance expectations and, in many cases, describe actions that can be taken to prevent or minimize nonpoint source pollution or other negative impacts associated with uncontrolled and untreated runoff. Specific actions or practices for achieving the performance expectations are not included in the management measure statement. This is by design. Local officials and other practitioners need the flexibility to choose management practices that best achieve the management measure’s performance expectations given their own unique circumstances. To aid in their decision, however, this guidance presents a selection of management practices that can be used to achieve each management measure.

Selecting Appropriate Management Practices

Please see the California Nonpoint Source Encyclopedia for a fact sheet on each of the 61 management measures, containing a description of related state and federal programs, a list of specific management practices, additional information resources, example case studies in California, and references.

Click on a NPS category to browse Management Measure subcategories:

Hydromodification Management Measures Wetlands, Riparian Areas and Vegetated Treatment Systems Management Measures Marinas and Recreational Boating management Measures Urban Areas Management Measures Forestry Management Measures Agriculture Management Measures