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CA State Water Resources Control Board/CA Department of Water Resources

Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Grant Program (link), funded by Proposition 50, Chapter 8, provides about $380 million for competitive grants for projects to protect communities from drought, protect and improve water quality, and improve local water security by reducing dependence on imported water.

One category of IRWM grants is the Integrated Coastal Watershed Management (ICWM) Planning Grants Program. The ICWM program is offering up to $500,000 for watershed planning efforts along the California coast that include one or more Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBSs), also known as State Water Quality Protection Areas. Since all ASBSs have been identified as CCAs, your area of the coast may be eligible for these funds.


California Bay/Delta Authority: Watershed Grants Program (link)

Enhancing watershed community capacity to assess and effectively manage watersheds in the Bay-Delta system

Developing or refining watershed assessments and plans


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Targeted Watershed Grants Program (link)

The Targeted Watersheds Grant Program is a relatively new EPA program designed to encourage successful community-based approaches and management techniques to protect and restore the nation's waters. The watershed organizations receiving grants this year exhibited strong partnerships with a wide variety of support; creative, socio-economic approaches to water restoration and protection; and explicit monitoring and environmentally-based performance measures.


California Watershed Funding Database (link)