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Cabrillo High School

Whatever you're picturing a school aquarium looks like, the one at Cabrillo High School is better than that... [Read more]

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Welcome to the California Coastal Commission
Public Education Program

colored pencil drawing of dolphins, by Roselene Chen, 8th grade
See the winners of the 2015 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest!

New and Notable Items:

7,500 California students took part in KIDS' OCEAN DAY 2014, learning about ocean pollution prevention at school and then taking a field trip to a beach to do a cleanup and form a fantastic art message on the sand. This image shows 1,200 students and volunteers at Huntington State Beach at the Orange County event on June 3, organized by Orange County Coastkeeper. To see more images and learn more about this annual program funded by the WHALE TAIL® License Plate visit the Ocean Day website.

California's official Marine Reptile: the Leatherback Sea Turtle

Artwork by Tim Malko, 12th grade honorable mention in the 2007 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest.

The leatherback sea turtle swims more than 6,000 miles to feed on jellies off the California coast, although it does not land on our beaches. This 100-million-year-old species outlived the dinosaurs but its population has declined by approximately 90 percent in the last 25 years. Learn more about leatherbacks.