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Coastal Development Permit Application & Appeal Forms

Permit Applications & Instructions

Before filling out an application, please be sure that you actually need to apply to the Coastal Commission itself. In areas where there is a certified Local Coastal Program, it is to that city or county to which you must apply and they have their own forms. Otherwise you apply directly to the Coastal Commission. Our analysts are here to talk with you if you have any questions about the jurisdiction you are in or about the application process. Go here to find staff contact information in the office which works on permits in the proposed project's location.

For post-disaster structure replacement, here is the Exemption Request Form in MS Word and PDF (for the South Central Coast District) and an information sheet about it.

See California’s potential permit requirements for scientific experiments, pilot projects, and other short-term research projects. This letter was produced by the California Ocean Protection Council.

Effective July 1, 2015, please find a copy of the newly adopted regulation regarding fee increases (Title 14, Section 13055 Filing Fees) approved and endorsed by the Secretary of State on August 4, 2015.

Appeal Forms & Instructions

The forms need to be filled out and physical copies sent to the appropriate district office along with the applicable filing fee.

Here is the Waiver of the 49 Day Rule for an Appeal of a Local Government’s Final Action on a Coastal Development Permit (49-day Waiver Form) (All Districts) [in PDF]

Emergency Permit Forms