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Future Agenda Items

Updated March 29, 2014

The items listed below may be coming before the Commission during the next few months. Publication of this list is provided for the purpose of facilitating public participation in the Commission's activities and is not required by law. The list's inclusion in this Meeting Notice also does not constitute, nor substitute for any of the notice requirements contained in the Coastal Act and Commission regulations. Also, please be aware that the details of a submittal may change as staff review proceeds, and that not all submittals of potential significance may appear on the listing below.

Energy, Ocean Resources & Federal Consistency Unit

  • Caltrans High Speed Rail, LOSSAN Mass Transit. High Speed Train throughout California (south of Sacramento to the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley, and southern California) with one component, which may be separate or combined with it, is LOSSAN, Passenger Rail Improvements, Los Angeles to San Diego (LOSSAN) Rail Corridor
  • Morro Bay Desalination Plant. Application of City of Morro Bay to authorize use of seawater wells and a discharge pipe associated with the operation of the City's desalination plant
  • SANDAG, Consistency Certification CC-0202-13 for Poinsettia Station Improvement (Run-through Track) Project, Carlsbad, San Diego County

North Coast District

  • Bower Limited Partnership Appeal. Appeals from decision of County of Mendocino granting permit with conditions to Bower Limited Partnership for construction of 285-ft. long retaining wall to connect to proposed 70-ft. long retaining wall on adjacent lot and associated drainage improvements
  • Humboldt Road Improvements. Appeal from decision of County of Del Norte granting permit to Elk Valley Rancheria to reconstruct Humboldt Road and add a multi-use trail, paved shoulders, and a roundabout, near Crescent City

North Central Coast District

  • State Parks Iron Rangers. Appeal of Sonoma County action denying State Parks application to install 15 Self-Pay Stations (iron rangers) along the Sonoma Coast
  • Marin Highway 1 Repairs. Appeal of Marin County approval of Caltrans application to repair and maintain State Highway 1 in Marin County, including installation of a soldier pile wall, metal beam guard rail barrier and cable railing
  • Marin LCP Update. Application of Marin County for comprehensive LCP Update

Central Coast District

  • Grover Beach LCP Update. Application of the City of Grover Beach to update the LCP's implementation plan
  • Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA) Dust Control Project. Application of State Parks to implement a dust control project at ODSVRA in southern San Luis Obispo County.
  • Piedras Blancas Highway 1 Realignment. Application of Caltrans to realign approximately 2.8 miles of Highway 1 inland near Piedras Blancas in northern San Luis Obispo County
  • Carmel River Lagoon Management. Application of Monterey County to manage the Carmel River Lagoon to address flooding and habitat issues in Carmel, Monterey County

South Central Coast District

  • City of Malibu LCP Amendment No. MAL-MAJ-1-12. Request by the City of Malibu to update the Land Use Plan Public Access Map to reflect current information. The map shows the location of existing public beaches, lateral public access easements along the shoreline, and vertical public access easements between the first public road and the shoreline
  • City of San Buenaventura LCP Amendment No. MAJ-2-12 (Promenade Parcels). Request by the City of San Buenaventura to amend its certified LCP to allow a mix of permitted uses, including residential, on approximately 11.43 acres of vacant land located east of Ash Street and west of San Jon Road
  • Los Angeles County Local Implementation Plan No. LCP-4-LAC-14-0109-4. Request by the County of Los Angeles to certify a new Local Implementation Plan (LIP) for the Santa Monica Mountains segment of the County's coastal zone

South Coast District

  • City of Huntington Beach LCP Amendment, (Sunset Beach). City request to bring the recently annexed Sunset Beach area into the City’s certified Local Coastal Program. The amendment includes a new Specific Plan for the community that includes development standards tailored to the existing development pattern in the community
  • Coastal Development Permit Application 5-13-032, Newport Banning Ranch. Proposing to develop approximately 400 acre site including consolidation of existing oil production facilities, contaminated soil remediation, grading, land division, bluff stabilization, new road network, 1,375 residential units, 75,000 square feet of commercial space, 75 unit resort inn, 52 acres of parks, public trails, and habitat restoration and preservation
  • 5-13-1031 (City of Santa Monica). Proposing to replace California Incline bridge structure and roadway with new 750 ft. x by 52 ft. reinforced concrete bridge and 700 ft. roadway between Ocean Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway. New bridge to provide safer bicycle and pedestrian, along with vehicular, access to beach
  • 5-13-1292 (County of L.A. Dept. of Public Works). Proposing to improve Oxford Basin to include, excavation and disposal of contaminated sediment to restore original basin capacity, replace existing vegetation with native vegetation, construct a berm between two existing tide gates and plant with wetland vegetation, replace two existing sluice gates to properly regulate tidal flow, construct parapet wall along northwestern and southern basin to prevent flooding onto Washington Blvd., water quality improvements at storm drain outlets, construct maintenance ramp, reconstruct slope along Admiralty Way and construct observation decks with benches, walking trail, lighting and interpretive signage and reconstruct sidewalk along Admiralty Way

San Diego Coast District

  • North Coast Corridor/Interstate 5 Public Works Plan (Caltrans and SANDAG). 40 year program of rail, highway, transit, bicycle, pedestrian and coastal resource improvements that span 27 miles of the Northern San Diego County coastal zone from La Jolla north to Oceanside
  • Appeal No. A-6-CII-10-043 – Goetz Seawall. Appeal from decision of City of Carlsbad granting a follow-up coastal development permit/emergency permit for the construction of a 97' long and 17-24' high, colored and textured seawall on the public beach fronting two single family homes in Carlsbad adjacent to public accessway
  • City of San Diego/Barrio Logan Community Plan and LCP Update. Request by the City of San Diego to adopt a new community plan and updated LCP for the Barrio Logan community