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The items listed below may be coming before the Commission during the next few months. Publication of this list is provided for the purpose of facilitating public participation in the Commission's activities and is not required by law. The list's inclusion in this Meeting Notice also does not constitute, nor substitute for any of the notice requirements contained in the Coastal Act and Commission regulations. Also, please be aware that the details of a submittal may change as staff review proceeds, and that not all submittals of potential significance may appear on the listing below.

Energy, Ocean Resources & Federal Consistency

  • Morro Bay Desalination Plant.
    Application of City of Morro Bay to authorize use of seawater wells and a discharge pipe associated with the operation of the City's desalination plant.

North Coast District

  • Humboldt County LCP Amendment, (Big Lagoon Park)
    County request to reconfigure the boundary lines between the existing Residential Estates (RE) and Coastal Commercial Timberland (TC) land use and zoning designations over 13 acres at Big Lagoon to provide an area for planned retreat of cottages from coastal bluff erosion

Central Coast District

  • City of Santa Cruz San Lorenzo River Interim Management Plan.
    Application of the City of Santa Cruz for an adaptive management program for the San Lorenzo River mouth to address flooding, fisheries, and public access and safety concerns.
  • King Ventures Resort ("The Collections").
    Application of King Ventures to construct a 340-room resort in the dunes seaward of Highway 1 in Sand City, Monterey County
  • Monterey County subdivision approvals.
    Appeals of Monterey County CDP decisions to allow several subdivisions in north Monterey County (2, 6, 26, and 76 lot subdivisions)
  • Fort Ord Dunes State Park.
    Application of the California Department of Parks and Recreation to construct a new campground (tent and RV camping) and related improvements at Fort Ord Dunes State Park in Monterey County

South Central Coast District

  • City of Malibu Local Coastal Program Amendment No. LCP-4-MAL-14-0408-1 (Malibu Coast Estate/Crummer Trust Property Planned Development).
    Request by City of Malibu to amend the Land Use Plan (LUP) and Local Implementation Plan (LIP) portions of the certified LCP to establish zoning regulations and development standards for a planned development at the Malibu Coast Estate/Crummer Trust property located east of Malibu Bluffs Park and south of Pacific Coast Highway in the City of Malibu.
  • Application No. 4-14-076 (Public Works Department, Santa Barbara County).
    Replacement of the existing, structurally deficient 34 ft. wide and 137 ft. long Goleta Beach Park Bridge with a new bridge approximately 60 feet to the west. The proposed bridge is 168 ft. long and 53.5 ft. to 80.5 ft. wide. The bridge includes traffic lanes, two shoulders, two traffic barriers, a bicycle lane, and a pedestrian walkway. The project also involves replacement of an existing culvert for wetland enhancement of an adjacent parcel and removal of the existing Goleta Park Bridge including 24 piles
  • Coastal Development Permit Nos. 4-10-040 (Lunch Properties, LLLP), 4-10-041 (Vera Properties, LLLP), 4-10-042 (Mulryan Properties, LLLP), 4-10-044 (Ronan Properties, LLLP), 4-14-0598 (Morleigh Properties, LLLP), 4-14-1094 (Mulryan Properties LLLP, Morleigh Properties LLLP, Vera Properties LLLP, Ronan Properties LLLP, and ED West Properties LLLP).
    Proposing five single-family residences and associated development, access road, water line, and lot line adjustment north of Sweetwater Mesa Road in the Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles County

South Coast District

  • City of Huntington Beach LCP Amendment, (Sunset Beach).
    City request to bring the recently annexed Sunset Beach area into the City's certified Local Coastal Program. The amendment includes a new Specific Plan for the community that includes development standards tailored to the existing development pattern in the community.
  • Crystal Cove Historic District Phase III.
    Proposing the rehabilitation of 17 cottages in the North Beach area of the historic district, including installing new utilities, soil nail walls, retaining walls, tieback systems, and caisson bluff stabilization; an expansion of the check-in parking lot; reconstructing the historic boardwalk on new caisson foundation system, constructing a service pathway inland of and alongside the boardwalk.
  • Newport Banning Ranch.
    Proposing to develop approximately 400 acre site including consolidation of existing oil production facilities, contaminated soil remediation, grading, land division, bluff stabilization, new road network, 1,375 residential units, 75,000 square feet of commercial space, 75 unit resort inn, 52 acres of parks, public trails, and habitat restoration and preservation.
  • Newport Beach Yacht Club.
    Demolish existing yacht club and construct 23,163 square foot yacht club; strengthen seawall; modify dock access ramps.
  • City of Newport Beach Former City Hall Site/Lido Hotel.
    Land Use Plan amendment to change land use designation of 4.25 acre former City Hall site located at 3300 Newport Blvd. to a visitor serving land use and create a height exception to the 35-foot Shoreline Height Limitation Zone to allow for a single, 55-foot high structure with architectural features up to 65 feet high. An accompanying coastal development permit application requests authorization to construct a 4-story 130 room hotel.
  • City of Newport Beach Back Bay Landing.
    Land Use Plan amendment to allow for mixed use (residential/commercial) development in an area currently designated only for coastal dependent/coastal related development.
  • City of Dana Point Short Term Lodging.
    Amend the City of Dana Point Local Coastal Program to establish a permitting system for short term lodging within areas zoned for residential uses.


  • City of San Diego/Ocean Beach Community Plan and LCP Update.
    LUP Amendment to adopt a comprehensive update to the certified Ocean Beach Community Plan including redesignation of the Voltaire Street and Pt. Loma Avenue commercial districts from Neighborhood Commercial to Community Commercial and rezoning approx. 25 acres in two areas from RS-1-7 to RM-1-1
  • CDP Application No. 6-15-0003 (Bernardo Shores).
    Application of Integral Communities to demolish an existing RV park and construct 190 2-3 story townhomes and 3 single family residences on a bay front lot in Imperial Beach
  • CDP Application No. 6-15-0142 (St. John Garabed Armenian Apostolic Church).
    Application of St. John Garabed Armenian Apostolic Church Trust Fund to construct an 8,740 sq.ft. 93-ft. tall church, 17,185 sq.ft. 40-ft. tall multi-purpose hall, 13,150 sq.ft. 28.3-ft. tall recreation center, and a 10,460 sq.ft. 28.5-ft. tall education building on former agricultural land east of El Camino Real in the San Dieguito River Valley
  • CDP Application No. 6-15-0422 (SeaWorld Orca Enclosure Expansion).
    Application of SeaWorld San Diego to replace and expand existing orca enclosure with new 450,000 gallon and 5.2 million gallon pools and construct new restroom facilities at Mission Bay, San Diego