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Statewide Appealable Permits

The Coastal Act provides that certain local government coastal permits may be appealed to the Commission for review of their conformity with LCPs and the Coastal Act as applicable. Currently pending appealable permits, and information about the appeal process, may be viewed at the link below.

Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance

On Wednesday, August 12, 2015, the Coastal Commission unanimously adopted the Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance document as interpretive guidelines for Local Coastal Programs and Coastal Development Permit applicants. The Guidance is intended to assist in the preparation for sea level rise within the context of the Coastal Act.

El Niño Preparations

In anticipation of the coming El Niño, coastal communities and property owners are encouraged to prepare for and minimize potential storm damage. Commission staff are developing checklists and other materials to assist in this process, as well as discuss El Niño and its relationship to climate change.


  1. Celebrate Safeguard Our Coast Day on Feb. 15th

    In August of 2014, the state legislature passed a resolution recognizing the 50th anniversary of the state’s “leadership and innovation in coastal planning and management” and declared the third Monday in February to be Safeguard Our Coast Day... learn more

  2. 2015 Year in Review, "Protecting the Coast, Preparing for Climate Change"

    Review the Coastal Commission's many accomplishments in 2015 in this new report. Topics include the LCP Program, Climate Change Adaptation, Enforcing Public Access to the Coast, and Protection of Lower Cost Overnight Accommodations.

  3. Expert Panel Releases Final Well Investigation Team Results on Intake Wells for Proposed Poseidon Huntington Beach Desalination Facility

    Commission staff, Poseidon Water, and CONCUR, Inc. convened an independent panel to evaluate the effects of different intake well configurations and intake volumes on groundwater resources near Poseidon Water’s proposed desalination facility in Huntington Beach, Orange County. The panel’s conclusions are summarized in this Well Investigation Team Final Summary Memo. Documents accompanying the panel’s work are available on the Commission’s FTP site, with instructions to access those documents provided at the end of the attached memo.

  4. Governor Proposes Increasing Commission's Budget by $3 million

    In his 2016-2017 budget unveiled this week, Governor Jerry Brown highlighted the administration’s continued commitment to addressing climate change. Among other things, the governor proposed increasing the Coastal Commission's budget by $3 million to hire 25 permanent staff members who will focus on helping local governments plan for sea level rise and long-term coastal protection. Read more about the governor's budget.

  5. Coastal Commission Prevails in Dana Point Beach Access

    A judge ruled that the city of Dana Point could not use claims of public nuisance to limit public beach access through a gated community of multimillion dollar homes.

  6. How Do You Get To Your Coast?

    Just in time for summer, the California Coastal Commission announces the release of our newest guide to the California coast! YourCoast is a free Web app with all the valuable information from the California Coastal Commission's popular California Coastal Access Guide and Experience the California Coast series.

  7. Coastal Commission opens public pathway to Malibu's Carbon Beach

    Following a decade long legal fight, the Coastal Commission is pleased to announce the opening of a new public path to one of Malibu's most beautiful beaches.

  8. State Joins Lawsuit Over Martins Beach

    The Coastal Commission and the State Lands Commission filed a joint amicus brief in the Friends of Martins Beach Case, in defense of public access... more

  9. Public Access Restored at Paradise Cove Beach in Malibu

    Coastal Commission & State Lands Commission restore public access & surfing to Paradise Cove in Malibu. Owner agrees to remove signs, open gate, & drop walk-in fees.

  10. © HikeSpeak

    Public Access to be restored at Ontario Ridge

    Pursuant to the order issued by the Commission in July 2014, plans have been submitted & approved for removal of all of the unpermitted development that have been blocking public access to this popular hiking trail between Pismo & Avila Beach in San Luis Obispo County, including all of the gates & fences & "no trespassing signs" ... more

  11. © SF Gate

    Martins Beach reflects Californians' Choice to Protect Coastal Access

    Martins Beach owner Vinod Khosla has made a series of wild charges against the California Coastal Commission, including coercion and unfair treatment. Khosla purchased a property near Half Moon Bay that has had a long and obvious use by the public. He then closed the road historically used by the public to access the beach. But under the Coastal Act of 1976, closing the road requires a development permit, and Khosla's failure to apply for one is a violation of the law ... more

Martins Beach Survey

The Commission is seeking to document possible historic rights of public access at Martins Beach in San Mateo County, CA. Press Release. To see the background exhibits click here. To receive a survey form by mail, please contact us & Take the Survey

LCP Grant Awards

The second round of LCP Local Assistance Grants have been awarded. On November 12, the Coastal Commission awarded 12 grants to local governments to assist with updating and certifying LCPs, with a special emphasis on preparing for Sea Level Rise.

Coastal Stewardship

Make a difference for our coast and ocean through everyday choices, wherever you may be. Join your friends and neighbors in becoming a Coastal Steward. Find out how you can help.

Coastal Program Policy

Briefings such as the Federal Consistency Program Briefing from February 9, as well as previous ones on open meetings, vertical accessways, wetlands, and the Coastal Act.

February Commission Meeting