California Coastal Commission


September, 1995

Principal Authors
Zachary P. Hymanson
Hope Kingma–Rymek

Technical Consultants
Larry Fishbain, Philip Williams & Associates, Inc.
Joy Zedler, San Diego State University

Prepared Under the Direction of
Susan M. Hansch

Financial assistance for preparation of this document was provided by the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972—as amended—administered by the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


A Note On The Use Of This Document

The Coastal Act provides strong enforceable policies for the protection of wetlands in the coastal zone. However, in light of the accumulation of new scientific information on wetlands and the inevitability of staff changes over time, this document was prepared to address potential approaches for evaluating wetland mitigation and restoration plans and for evaluating the performance of implemented projects.

This procedural guidance document will serve as a resource to assist Commission staff in preparing their analyses and recommendations upon which the Commission bases its decisions, thus enhancing the Commission's ability to protect the State's coastal wetland resources. It is important, however, to accurately characterize this document and explicitly delineate its appropriate use.

Consistent with the authority delegated to the executive director by the Commission to direct the work of staff, and consistent with the Commission's duty to examine projects, amendments, and other items for Commission action on a case-by-case basis, this document will provide staff with relevant information for drafting proposed findings and assessing compliance with permit conditions. However, this document has not been adopted by the Coastal Commission. Thus, although the sources of information (e.g., scientific research results or previous Commission actions) contained in this document can be referenced when developing a staff report, this procedural guidance document itself will not be cited, quoted, or relied upon as the basis for recommendations or findings contained in any staff report.

This document is a revised version of an earlier draft based on comments received from public review, and is a publication of the State of California, California Coastal Commission pursuant to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award Number NA370Z0222.

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