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  Collage of Coastal Photography

smallfsh.jpg (9081 bytes) California Coastal Cleanup Day takes place every year on the third Saturday in September. Associated with Coastal Cleanup Day is COASTWEEKS, an annual three-week celebration of our coastal and water resources, which includes activities such as nature walks, festivals, restoration events, and more.
Adopt-A-Beach is our year-round, statewide beach cleanup program. Any group, public or private, can volunteer to clean any of our adoptable beaches. See "aerial art" photos from the Ocean Day Kids' Beach Cleanup. aablogo3.jpg (15120 bytes)
The Boating Clean & Green Campaign educates boaters around the state on environmentally sound boating practices.

The Coastal Stewardship Pledge is a way for Californians of all ages to commit to protecting our coast and ocean. You may choose from a wide-ranging list of suggestions on how to protect the coast, and then pledge to follow through and complete your chosen actions. In the process, you become a “Coastal Steward” and are rewarded with a certificate and a free gift.
The Coastal Art and Poetry Contest is open to all California students in kindergarten through 12th grade, and is a chance for students to explore coastal themes and present them creatively. By encouraging youth to reflect on the beauty and spirit of California's beaches and ocean, we hope to inspire a greater sense of stewardship for these natural places.  Please check here again later on for the winning entries. See the winning entries from the 2009 contest. A portion of 'Shimmering Bird', by Louca Bournemann, Grade 5, 2004
Flying Terns, Morro Bay, California The 2009 Amateur Coastal Photography Contest is now open for new entries. See the previous year's winning photos!
The WHALE TAILSM  Grants program distributes funds from sales of the WHALE TAILSM  License Plate. The WHALE TAILSM  grants support programs that teach California’s children and the general public to value and take responsibility for the health of the state’s marine and coastal resources. We are now accepting applications for the 2008/2009 program. plate2.jpg (14417 bytes)
Coastal Restoration
The Coastal Commission's Community-Based Restoration and Education Program includes an extensive volunteer restoration program at Upper Newport Bay, a guidebook to community restoration, and a high school activity guide on wetlands.