The Protect Our Coast and 
Ocean Fund supports:

Habitat Restoration - image shows birds in wetland

Your donation supports programs that restore natural places. Habitat destruction and degradation are among our most serious environmental crises, causing species extinctions and threatening many remaining wildlife populations around the world. In California, population growth and associated coastal development have caused the loss of over 90 percent of our wetlands. An important new challenge is to restore wetlands, sand dunes, and other critical habitat wherever feasible.

Volunteers are working on the ground to remove invasive plant species and to cultivate and install native species appropriate for particular California coastal locations. They are protecting and creating habitat for vulnerable California animals that depend on our wetlands and shorelines. Your donation provides funds for equipment, planting supplies, in some cases transportation to bring underserved students out to help with the projects, and other important elements that make these programs possible.

Women with work gloves and shovels
Men taking part in habitat restoration - planting, removing invasives, and watering
Wetland at Upper Newport Bay