The Protect Our Coast and 
Ocean Fund supports:

Beach Cleanups - image shows two women on beach, holding buckets of trash
Adopt-A-Beach is a year-round shoreline cleanup program that encourages individuals and groups to "adopt" their own, special beach and commit to cleaning it up on an ongoing basis. Organizations like Heal the Bay and I Love A Clean San Diego have received support from the Protect Our Coast and Oceans Fund to run innovate Adopt-A-Beach Programs in their counties with thousands of volunteers, not only organizing the people adopting beaches but also holding public beach cleanup events and educating volunteers of all ages about marine debris and pollution prevention.

Your donation also supports the Kids' Ocean Day program, which provides marine education to inland and underserved schools, and takes them to the beach for a fun fieldtrip and beach cleanup. For some of the students, this may be the first time they've visited the ocean. Their trip culminates in the creation of an aerial art message in the sand (see the photo below).

Your donation also supports a variety of other beach cleanup programs. Cleanups organized by Pacifica Beach Coalition help keep the beaches clean in Pacifica, Daly City, and Half Moon Bay. Cleanups and education on the Bay at San Francisco's Heron's Head Park are involving community members from the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. And micro-trash cleanups in Big Sur are helping save California Condors by getting rid of tiny pieces of plastic trash that could otherwise get fed to the baby birds.

Why are beach and inland cleanups important for our coast and ocean? Vast amounts of plastic debris litter the world's ocean, and most of this debris comes from land. Our beaches are collecting spots for trash from city streets and highways. Trash travels, via inland waterways, storm drains, sewers, and on the wind, and eventually ends up on the coast. If not removed, this debris will end up in the ocean. Beach cleanups are a last line of defense to prevent debris from causing harm to our oceans, to wildlife, to our coastal economies, and even to beach-goers. Read more about the problem with marine debris.

River cleanup in a canoe, collecting lots of tires
Smiling group of beach cleanup volunteers with buckets
Aerial art formation at Kids Ocean Day 2013 in Huntington Beach