The Protect Our Coast and 
Ocean Fund supports:

Public Awareness - 5 Gyres exhibit poster with text Much of the Plastic Trash We Generate on Land Flows into our Oceans Through Storm Drains and Watersheds

Your donation supports programs that help educate the public about our interconnectedness with our coast, ocean, and watersheds. These programs take a variety of forms, reaching all over California. They include public exhibits (like one at the California State Fair to communicate the importance of protecting the health of the ocean and local waterways wherever we may live); films (like a film series on destinations along the California Coastal Trail); educational displays reaching local communities (like whale displays by the Noyo Center for Marine Science in Fort Bragg); interpretive panels at public viewing areas (like at Navarro-by-the-Sea); a mobile marine education van visiting the public at beaches and special events in Sonoma County; distribution of sustainable seafood information at Fresno Chaffee Zoo; public programming at museums and visitor centers (such as climate change education at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History); and much more.

Ocean awareness at the California State Fair
Outdoor training in progress
Aerial artwork from Kids Ocean Day, showing people on the sand forming a shark and the words, Save Our Ocean