The Protect Our Coast and 
Ocean Fund supports:

Coastal Acces - image shows woman using a beach wheelchair at Crystal Cove State Beach

Your donation supports programs that help everyone access the coast. California's coast belongs to us all and getting to the beach or in the water can make a huge difference in a person's life.

One great way to support full access to the coast is with beach wheelchairs, available free to borrow from beach locations up and down the coast. These chairs are equipped with large, wide wheels which can roll across the sand without sinking. Other worthy programs, like Environmental Traveling Companions, facilitate sea kayaking voyages and other outdoor adventures for people with disabilities.

In many cases, transportation is a big stumbling block for people being able to get to and enjoy the coast. Your donation will help provide transportation to the coast for children and others, many of whom have not yet had the opportunity to breathe in the salty sea air, hear crashing waves, or feel the sand between their toes. For instance, fourth graders in Port Hueneme, many of them children of agricultural workers, were able to visit the Channel Islands. Outdoor Outreach brings at-risk youth from urban neighborhoods to coastal parks in San Diego County for recreation, learning, and stewardship activities.

Once at the shore, the public benefits from informational guides on where to go or what they're seeing, sometimes even in multiple languages.

Visiting the beach in San Diego
Kayaking San Francisco Bay