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Water Quality Program
Interagency Coordinating Committee (IACC)

What is the IACC?

It is a cooperative working group composed of 28 State agencies involved in implementing California’s Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program (NPS Program Plan).

The IACC’s primary goals are to:

  • Improve interagency coordination and promote statewide consistency in implementing the NPS Program Plan.
  • Promote the watershed approach in addressing nonpoint source pollution.
  • Provide a forum for resolving policy and programmatic conflicts among State agencies.

Some of the specific tasks of the IACC are to:

  • Assist the IACC members in developing their five-year implementation plans for implementing the NPS Program Plan.
  • Provide the goals, objectives, and structure for the formation of technical advisory committees and work groups for specific subject areas and/or watersheds as appropriate.
  • Coordinate with local watershed groups.
  • Coordinate with federal agencies on their policies and activities with NPS implications.
  • Provide for public participation and input in implementing and refining the NPS Program Plan.
  • Assist in periodic assessment of progress made in implementing the NPS Program Plan.

IACC Meetings and Activities


Useful Tools for IACC Members