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Employment and Examination Announcements

The position & examination announcements listed here (as well as the application form) are available in PDF (Portable Document Format) by following each link.

As a part of the application for the positions, you must fill out and send in a state application form (form 678). Get the application form here.  

To read a PDF, you need Adobe Reader . If you don't already have it installed, get it here. It's free. Do make sure to follow the installation instructions.

Examination Titles Location

Business Service Officer (Statewide)

Coastal Program Manager (Statewide)

Coastal Program Analyst III (Statewide)

Coastal Program Analyst II (Statewide)

Coastal Program Analyst I (Statewide)

Examination applications for Coastal Program Analyst I or II or III or Coastal Program Manager may be filed on a continuous basis; they will be kept on file and processed for the next examination period.

Preparation Guide for the Coastal Program Analyst I and II Examinations

Questions & Answers About the Coastal Program Analyst Series

Employment Position Title


Environmental Scientist or Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Full-Time, Limited Term
Technical Services Unit - San Francisco (Preferred Location)
or District Office in Long Beach, Santa Cruz San Diego or Ventura
Coastal Program Analyst III or Coastal Program Manager
(Climate Change Coordinator)
Full-Time, Limited Term
Executive or Statewide Planning Unit - San Francisco

Volunteer Position Title


Enforcement Intern (Full or Part-Time)
Statewide Enforcement Program
[revised February 27, 2012]
Long Beach and Ventura
Graduate Student Program Intern
Technical Services Biology Division
(with at least one day per week in Ventura)

If you are interested in becoming a Coastal Program Analyst, but are not eligible for transfer or on an examination eligibility list, please see the examination information above.