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Friends of Alhambra Creek

Organization Type:
Citizen Group

Friends of Alhambra Creek is a nonprofit group of volunteers whose overarching goal is to promote the coexistence of the creek’s natural system with the human inhabitants of the watershed. Among our goals are:

  • Community involvement and participation
  • Preservation/extension of the creek’s natural habitat and processes in the community
  • Using natural processes and techniques to protect property from flood damage and erosion
  • Educating people about the creek’s natural processes, both physical and biological
  • Using the creek as an educational resource
  • Using the creek to enhance the quality of life in the Community.

Igor Skaredoff
Friends of Alhambra Creek
P. O. Box 2315
Martinez, CA 94553
Phone: (925) 229-1371
Cell Phone: (925) 642-8340
Fax: (925) 370-8410

Geographical Focus:

Counties Served:
Contra Costa

Education, Conservation, Water Monitoring, Resource Management, Water Pollution Prevention, Land Use Planning, Stream and Watershed Restoration

Wetlands, Cultural History, Wildlife, Watershed Hydrology, Habitat Restoration, Water Quality/Storm Water Runoff, Bay & Estuary Habitats, Fire Fuel Management, Invasive Species, Erosion Reduction, Eco-Literacy

Educational Resources:
Outreach Programs, On-Site Programs, Guidebooks, Exhibits/Displays, Library/Lending Materials, Watershed Map

Education Programs:
Stream Bank Restoration — Class
Watershed Tours
Riparian Restoration and Native Plant Planting
GIS/GPS Creek Mapping
Water Quality Monitoring and Bioassessment

Target Audiences:
General Public, K-12+ students, Creekside Residents, National Park visitors

Group Size Accommodated:
Up to 30

Volunteer Opportunities

Creek cleanups, native plant propagation and outplanting and maintenance, GIS/GPS creek mapping, water quality monitoring, bioassessment
  When Needed:
Creek cleanups May and September, creek mapping May through October, others year-round
  Commitment Required:
1/2 day
Safety briefing
  Community Service Documentation:
Igor Skaredoff
(925) 642-8340

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