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COASTWEEKS — September 20 through October 12, 2014

Sunset on the Beach, Santa Cruz, Photo by Jan Cheung
Sunset on the Beach, Santa Cruz. Photo © Jan Cheung
COASTWEEKS is a three-week celebration of our coastal and water resources that begins on the third Saturday of September. The kick off for the celebration is Coastal Cleanup Day, when 70,000 Californians come together across the state to keep our coasts and inland waterways free of debris. Last year, 360 events taking place in 41 California counties were included in the COASTWEEKS calendar. This year, let's create even more ways for people to celebrate our coast and waterways!

Now Accepting Events for COASTWEEKS 2014

If you have an event that should be included in the COASTWEEKS calendar, please fill out the form below. (Alternately, the form can be downloaded as a PDF to be emailed, mailed, or faxed.) Your event must take place in California between September 20 and October 12 and relate in some way to the topic of water/aquatic/marine habitats/species/locations/health/activities. Special events created for COASTWEEKS and pre-scheduled events are eligible, subject to approval by the Coastal Commission. This celebration is a great way to expand your outreach and to participate in a nation-wide effort to encourage appreciation and preservation of our coast and our inland waterways. Examples of potential events include environmental fairs, habitat restoration projects, bird watching, lectures, boat trips, public meetings, nature hikes, surfing competitions, and more. Events can be ANYWHERE in California, not just along the coast! (Please do not submit Coastal Cleanup Day cleanup events, as these will be promoted in their own section of our website, which will be linked from COASTWEEKS. Contact your Coastal Cleanup Day County Coordinator for information.) Please email us with any questions you may have.

The COASTWEEKS calendar will go online August 29, 2014. Thank you for participating in COASTWEEKS!